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25 Feb 2012

1. Sunlight Mt. Endurance Challenge

United States (Colorado)

Organizer: Unknown organisation
Place: Colorado
Event type: others / mix
Description: There are several different ways to compete in this race. Competitors may race solo, be part of a duo, 4-person relay, or a Firedrill team of 2 or more racers up to 5 people. 4-person teams may elect to compete in a relay style race whereas each competitor takes a lap while the other 3 wait for the person on the course to complete the lap. In this category, only one person per team is allowed on the course at a time. The "Firedrill" category allows all team members to be on the course at any given time. In either case, a team is competing to complete the most laps. Firedrill teams may consist of 2 to 5 racers. Firedrill racers will be up against all other Firedrill teams of various sizes. All racers will have to be off the course by 8PM to have their lap counted towards their team or individual total.

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